Hour of Decision: A Cycle of Four Elements

Hello everyone!

This is my first post in over a year (in no part thanks to COVID), but there are quite a few upcoming events to look forward to. In celebration of Earth Day this year, I invite you to attend our Artivism4Earth event on Thursday, April 22nd at 1:00pm MT. This event will feature a series of collaborative interdisciplinary multimedia presentations, all in hope of bringing awareness to the pressing issue of climate change. My recent work for string quartet and electronics (“Asphyxiated By An Echo”) will be featured in collaboration with poet Matty Lane Glasgow and visual artist Reilly Jensen, thematically inspired by air pollution and how smog and inversion affects the earth’s atmosphere. Read a brief description for each project below:

Encounter a landscape fragmented with poetry, music, and dance that engages resource extraction and loss.

Explore the immersive, harsh realities of air pollution in an abstract audiovisual experience, transformed through the inversion of ambient musical textures and poetic lines.

Immerse yourself in a VR, audiovisual simulation of an extreme weather event and the subconscious anxieties of water scarcity.

How might fire motivate change and renewal? A 360° video and ambient score interwoven with poetry carve out a space for these considerations.

The the event will be fully online, through the Artivism4Earth website. Hope to see you there! https://artivism4earth.squarespace.com/config/